Juan Pablo Ponce1 y Gustavo Ahumada2;

1Universidad Nacional de La Pampa. Facultad de Agronomía; Argentina
2Dirección General de Agricultura Familiar del Gobierno de La Pampa; Argentina

[email protected]


The Faculty of Agronomy of NULPam together with a local horticultural farmer, established a working agreement, which allowed students of the Intensive Plant Production Technician to carry out professional activities, acquiring work experience putting their knowledge into practice and applying it to horticultural production from a systemic point of view. The main focus was mainly on management practices that are alternative to traditional production. Agro-ecological methods were incorporated, given that the aim is to reduce inputs use such as agrochemicals as much as possible, reducing weeding, soil preparation and sowing, among others, and making it more efficient, with the idea that local producers can take these methods as an example and apply them in their own traditional or conventional systems. These production techniques are green manure, cover crops, rotations with grasses and leguminous species, which are currently new practices for the sector, the benefits of which producers have not been able to visualise. The yields of the different horticultural crops have far exceeded the averages in the area at lower production costs.

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