Submission of Abstracts and Full Articles:

Each author can send up to two abstracts, both in English and Spanish. The abstracts or full papers will be accepted until May 31, 2024.  The full paper in English or Spanish (optional) may be submitted together with the abstract or later, and if accepted will be included in a special issue of the Revista Horticultura Argentina to be published at the end of the event. 

To submit your abstract please complete this form :  

Presentation Areas:
  • Biocidal green manures for pest, weed and disease control (BG)
  • Non-biocidal green manures and cover crops for pest, weed and disease control (NBG)
  • Cover crops (CC)
  • Biofumigation with plant-derived products for pre- and post-harvest control (B)
  • Biosolarization (BS)
  • Use of plant-derived products (including compost) in crop production (PDP)
  • Breeding of green manures and cover crops (BR)
  • No preference (NP)
Presentation rules:


Abstracts should have a maximum of 350 words, including title, authors, institution and body of the abstract.

The file must have a Word extension (*.doc /*.docx). The name of the file must be the acronym of the abstract presentation area (BG, NBG, CC, B, BS, PDP, BR, NP – see notes below), middle dash (-),the last name of the person* registering for the conference, middle dash, the first name  of  the person,  middle dash and then the submitted abstract number 1 or 2. Please do not create any empty spaces within the file name.

*The person who submits the abstract must be one of the authors involved in the work and have paid the registration fee at the time of abstract submission.

Example file name: BS-Mitidieri-Mariel-1.doc

The abstract should contain:

  • At the top of the page please state the Presentation Area using the appropriate acronym in Arial 10.
  • Title: Provide your title in less than 120 characters in a maximum of 3 lines in Arial 11, bold (scientific names in italics, without their acronyms).
  • Authors list: Arial 10. Full surname and the initial of the first name of all authors separated by comma. Indicate place of work and/or institution by means of superscripts. The last name of the author who will present the work must be underlined.
  • Affiliation: Arial 10. Provide full details of author affiliation according to superscripts assigned to the authors. Please indicate an e-mail address for correspondence (maximum 3 lines).
  • Abstract body: Leave a space from the last line of the affiliation/email address. Produce a single paragraph in Arial 11, with single line spacing. Do not use subtitles, tables, figures,  or bibliographic citations and avoid unnecessary abbreviations..  Do not leave any indents. The abstract should provide background, objectives of the work, materials and methods, results and conclusions.
  • Include source of funding and 4 to 5 key words.


Abstract Example


The rules for full articles are in the following link:

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