Susana B. Martínez, Mariana Garbi, Lucrecia Puig, María Herminia Abre, Delfina Guaymasí, Marco D´Amico, Maria Eugenia Sánchez de la Torre, y María Pinciroli

Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales, Argentina

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The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of biofumigation with broccoli or manure on soil temperature, nematode population and yield of four tomato hybrids. The trial was carried out in a greenhouse of  Julio Hirschhorn Experimental Station, FCAyF, UNLP. Biofumigation treatments were: broccoli in situ and ex situ manure (5000 g.m-2). Soil was kept moist and covered with transparent polyethylene for 30 days; Elpida, Lapataia, Sivinar and Yigido hybrid tomatoes were then transplanted. Soil temperature was registered (Datta Logger X400, 4 sensors PT 940; -5 cm), percentage of time with ranges of: 0-11.6 °C; 11.7- 23.3 °C and 23.4-35 °C was calculated as well as total tomato yield of the first three harvests. The experimental design was in strips with a 2×4 factorial arrangement and three replications. Analysis of variance and Tukey test were performed. Manure raised soil temperature, predominantly in the 11.7-23.3 °C range, for longer in broccoli. Biofumigation decreased the number of nematodes, without eradicating them. Biofumigation x hybrid interaction was significant. Yigido yield was heigher after broccoli biofumigation, even more than the manure treatment.

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