The International Biofumigation Symposium is an international event whose venue rotates around the world and brings together scientists who develop this technology that seeks technological solutions with low environmental impact to health aspects without neglecting the conservation and regeneration of the soil resource. The list and venue of the previous meetings are detailed below:

First International Symposium 2004. Florence, Italy
Second International Symposium. 2006. Idaho, USA.
Third International Symposium Symposium, 2008. Canberra, Australia
Fourth International Symposium on Biofumigation and Biopesticides. Saskatoon, Canada 2011.
Fifth International Symposium Harper Adams University, Newport, United Kingdom, 9-12 September 2014.
Sixth International Symposium, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 25-27 July 2016
7th International Agroscope Symposium, Switzerland, 22-26, 2021

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